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Our Top 5 Leather Sheepskin Jackets To Keep You Warm This Winter

Posted: 12th January 2016 in ,

It’s a common misconception that after the Christmas period, winter is coming to an end. Far from it, January and February are regularly registered as the coldest months of the year, so the worst is still yet to come.

You could stay indoors and turn up the heating, but that costs money. You could wear some extra layers, but that leaves you looking like a shapeless mass of clothing.

So, how can you stay warm, and still look great?

The answer is simple. With high-quality leather and sheepskin linings, Hidepark’s range of leather jackets is perfect for the colder months, designed with comfort and style in mind.

Here are our top five leather sheepskin jackets to keep you warm this winter.

Amy: Ladies’ Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Sheepskin womens Jacket Amy Wild Rust Womens Sheepskin Jacket Black Amy

A classic style that is always on trend, the ‘Amy’ Ladies’ Sheepskin Flying Jacket provides an unrivalled warmth and elegance. It can be worn open (as pictured) to create a unique style, or zipped up completely for extra protection from the elements.

Available in four different colours, you’re bound to find one that suits your taste.

Find out more about the Amy Ladies’ Sheepskin Flying Jacket.

Men’s Sheepskin Pilot Jacket

Gents-Sheepskin-Pilot-jacket-Antique Mens-Leather-pilot-jacket-rust

The ultimate in comfort and style, each of our range of sheepskin pilot jacket’s linings is made from 100% sheepskin, which is every bit as comfortable as it looks.

The classic British flying jacket design is making a comeback. For any of those looking to make a statement, this striking design is guaranteed to get you noticed.

Ella: Ladies’ Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Ladies Brown Sheepskin Flying Jacket Wild Rust EllaWomens Black Sheepskin Flying Jacket Ella

The ‘Ella’ Ladies’ Sheepskin Flying Jacket is similar in design to the ‘Amy’, with a slightly more elegant touch. Longer in length than most traditional flying jackets, and finished with a luxurious sheepskin trim at the end of the sleeves, this jacket is designed to keep the cold out, and the warmth in.

Find out more about the Ella Ladies’ Sheepskin Flying Jacket.

B4 Men’s Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Gents Black Sheepskin Flying Jacket B4 Mens-leather-sheepskin-flying-jacket-Brown-B4

These flying jackets are designed to last a lifetime, and build on the warm sheepskin lining of the Pilot Jacket above with an additional sheepskin trim on both the sleeves and the hem of the jacket.

This jacket is once again inspired by the traditional British flying jacket design, and will provide a noticeable addition to your winter wardrobe.

Find out more about the B4 Men’s Sheepskin Flying Jacket.

Holly: Ladies’ Hooded Sheepskin Jacket

Ladies Leather Brown Sheepskin Flying Jacket HollyWomens Black Sheepskin Flying Jacket with White wool HollyLadies Black Sheepskin Flying Jacket Holly

What’s the only thing warmer than a jacket with a sheepskin collar? A jacket with a sheepskin hood, of course! Our ‘Holly’ ladies’ sheepskin leather jacket provides such comforting warmth that you won’t want to take it off until summer!

Find out more about the Holly Ladies’ Hooded Sheepskin Jacket.

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All of our jackets are made using the highest quality leather, and 100% sheepskin, creating a luxurious and comfortable feel.