Genuine Leather VS FAUX Leather

Posted: 12th February 2016 in

When you’re looking at buying a new leather jacket, you may wonder what the difference is between the faux leather and genuine leather and is it worth paying the price for real leather. Obviously, here at Hidepark, we definitely see the benefit of buying a genuine leather jacket.

A leather jacket isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life. When you make the investment to into a Hidepark leather jacket, you know that jacket is going to last you for years.

What is FAUX Leather?
Faux leather is made out of artificial materials which are chemically treated with wax or polyurethane for a colour and texture. These materials will tend to get tatty very quickly and will not last as long as a real leather jacket. On the bright side, a lot of FAUX leather is waterproof, which genuine leather is not.

What is Genuine Leather?
The real or genuine leather is processed or made from skins of animals such as goat, sheep and cows. Genuine leather products will last you a lifetime and are very durable.

How to spot faux Leather
Spotting the difference between real and faux leather can be difficult, however, here are some of our useful tips:

Touch the Leather
The feel of the jacket is a huge giveaway. Genuine leather will feel smooth and buttery whilst a fake jacket will feel more like plastic. The leather is flexible and soft, if the product feels similar to plastic and has stretch in it, it is more than likely to be fake.

Smell the Leather
One thing that no fake leather jacket would ever be able to replicate is that strong smell of leather. Leather has a very distinctive smell (which will fade in time), whereas faux leather will have no smell or a more plastic smell.

Look at the Labels
Look at the label on your leather jacket. This should give you a good indication of the material the product is made from. Products made of real leather will proudly say so on the label.

Why Chose Genuine Leather?
There is nothing like the smell or feel of genuine leather, and although you’re paying a premium price, you’re gaining a premium product in return which will last you a lifetime.
No two genuine leather garments will be exactly the same, due to the unique characteristics of that animal hide. The leather becomes softer and more attractive the more you wear it.

Faux leather has around half the lifespan of genuine leather. It cracks and splits due to the material being thin.

Genuine leather does need to be taken proper care of, however, meaning if you get things like perfume on it, you’ll need to make sure you clean this.