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Leather Jackets for Him This Christmas

Posted: 13th December 2017 in

Christmas is under 2 weeks away, but there’s still time to get a leather jacket delivered for free from Hidepark! A leather jacket is the perfect Christmas gift for any man, whether they’re your dad, husband, brother or friend. Full of character and style, any one of our jackets will look fantastic and last for years. What more could you ask for from a Christmas gift?

The vast majority of leather jackets will suit any wardrobe, but if you want some inspiration or you’re not sure where to start looking, we’ve highlighted a couple of our Christmas favourites for you to take a look at.

Mac: a jacket all men will love

The Mac, pictured below, is a timeless classic that encapsulates everything we love about leather jackets. This popular bomber jacket boasts a stripped back design that lets the natural qualities of the leather take centre stage. For the man who wants to feel fantastic without being too showy, the Mac is the ideal gift.

Being a bomber jacket, the Mac has a simple collar, central zip and practical pockets, with subtle stitching detail on the chest. The benefit of such a classic look is that it has cross-generational appeal and can be worn with almost anything, whether the person you’re buying it for is going to want to dress it up or dress it down.

You can also choose to buy the Mac in brown, black or blue leather. Brown is a staple colour that will appeal to pretty much everyone, while blue adds a touch of flair. The black echoes the iconic biker jackets of the 20th century, with unmistakable undertones of rebellion and casual style.

Walker: a coat for the whole year

If you’re looking for something a gift that’s a little more outdoorsy than the Mac, the Walker is the perfect leather coat to buy. A practical, attractive coat at any time of the year, the Walker is a great all-round gift for the man who loves to be outside.

Gents Tan Coat style Walker

Made from high-quality nubuck leather, the Walker coat will keep out the chills as you embark on that Christmas afternoon walk. Thanks to its stud-fasten cuffs and relaxed fit mean that it’s comfortable from the first moment its worn, even if that’s just a couple of hours after opening up the present!Along with the stylish yet homely design, the Walker is packed with practicality. It boasts 6 useful pockets, including 2 that are open and easy to access and 4 that button up to keep their contents more secure. For the man who needs somewhere to put spare change, several sets of keys and a phone, if not a Christmas gadget or two, it’s the perfect design.

728: Black Leather Blazer

Perfect for a cold winter’s day! Team up this traditional tailored black leather blazer with a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt and you’ve got the perfect Boxing Day outfit.


Men’s Shearling Sheepskin Antique Leather Pilot Jacket

Made from pure, 100% sheepskin as used in the original pilot jackets, this is a true British classic that not only looks the part in the cockpit of a Spitfire but also behind the wheel of a modern convertible, or standing on the terraces at a football match.


004: Tan Leather Waistcoat

This eye-catching smart and attractive leather waistcoat are set to stand the test of time, made from the softest hide while the back section has been crafted from a heavyweight cotton twill.


If you’re starting to get some inspiration for your gift but you want to look around a little more first, our men’s leather jacket guide is a great place to start looking. It’ll take you through all the major styles, including our most popular jackets in each.

Alternatively, just have a browse around our men’s leather jackets section and see what takes your fancy. There’s plenty to choose from and so much that any man will love.